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20 Best Development Books you need to read (in 2024)

Looking for the best web development books to grow your skills in 2024?

Learning web development demands your attention, time, and focus. Going through various online web development courses, blogs, videos, and tutorials can be exhausting. Here’s what to do then:

Simply turn your potential into well-written and proven books for learning web development. The neat codes, designing techniques, proper working concepts, and actual basics lead you to explore something interesting. 

You may also want to read about the best programming languages, to help you decide which book to start with.

We have compiled the best web development books for beginners to successfully build your career. So, what are you waiting for? Read the full guide on the best books for web development.

20 Best Books for Web Development

You know there are millions of books found online on web development subjects. To save you time and ease your selection, we have made the list of books by category. You can read the books that you need most for growing development skills in 2024.

  • Best Coding Books
  • Front-End Web Development Books
  • Back-End Web Development Books
  • Web Designing Books
  • Productivity Increasing Books

Best Coding Books

Improving your coding skills? Check out these books:

1. The Clean Coder [by Robert Martin]

The Clean Coder [by Robert Martin]

Do you want to learn clean and efficient coding? If yes, then the Clean Coder is the best book for you to read in 2024. It teaches you the basic tips and actionable techniques for clean coding.

Robert Martin tries his best to reveal the importance of good code and the adverse effects of bad code. It is specifically designed for beginner web developers struggling to learn code with clarity.

The book includes an analysis of clean code, real-life case studies, best practices for coding, and a list of heuristics and code to write and use.

2. Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software [Charles Petzold]

Code The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software Charles Petzold

Charles Petzold one of the Microsoft Seven Windows, published the great book. He goes deep into the basics of code and computer functioning. Petzold explains code with morse and the working of electricity and telegraph.

If you are new to the programming world, this book will be the best guide to understanding complex concepts. You will get a deep dive into binary basics, algebra to create logic gates, and how to build a modern computer and software.

Believe me, it will change your concept of a computer working. I recommend you Charles Petzold’s book to kickstart your programming career.

3. Python Programming [by John M. Zelle]

Python Programming [by John M. Zelle]

This book is the essential pioneer of the basic concepts of computing. Among the pile of books, Python programming is the exclusive book for learning web development for beginners.

You will explore the following topics in the book.

  • Aid in learning ethical hacking
  • Focus on designing
  • Programming languages mainly python
  • Problem-solving skills

Python programming book is interesting to read with different illustrations, activities, and practices. You will get the basic information leading to a deep knowledge of programming concepts. So, pick up the book and start reading if you need an easy book, like a textbook.

Front-End Web Development Books

Do you want to learn Front End Development? Then these are the best books for you:

4. A Smarter Way to Learn HTML and CSS [by Mark Myers]

A Smarter Way to Learn HTML and CSS [by Mark Myers]

CSS and HTML are the backbones for learning programming. A book with countless pages to read and learn distracts and confuses beginners. That’s why opt for the book with activities and practices.

A Smarter Way to Learn HTML and CSS is an elegant solution for your quick learning of programming languages. It introduces you to online exercises to practice the code and design.

Marks Myers advises to read and absorb the book and then rest. Full of practice and easy learning, you can fasten your progress.

5. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide [by David Flanagan]

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide [by David Flanagan]

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced programmer, JavaScript can be challenging for you. David Flanagan’s book is tested to learn the advanced concepts of JavaScript in an easy and more fun way.

Reading the book will increase your potential for making dynamic pages. From the early introduction to the JavaScript standard library, David’s book constitutes worthy topics to read. The JavaScript book is a comprehensive learning book with a perfect blend of examples and explanations.

6. JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development [by John Duckett]

JavaScript and JQuery Interactive Front-End Web Development [by John Duckett]

This book enables you to learn both languages on a single platform. The clean layout and the excellent graphics make it easy for you to understand the tricky codes. By reading the book, you will be able to make beautiful portfolio dynamic sites.

Any other benefit?

You can get a lot about the user interface and how to improve it. The beautiful color coding and the simple language make it the best choice for learning web development. Start writing your catchy script from scratch with the help of John Duckett’s book.

7. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: All In One [ by Jennifer Kyrnin and Juli Meloni]

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript All In One [ by Jennifer Kyrnin and Juli Meloni]

Did you plan to create and maintain websites for your clients to build your career? Then, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: All in One is the ideal book for you.

It can help you leverage your front-end development career from zero to hero. The well-designed and integrated lessons provide every pillar for essential web development learning. The step-by-step guide, additional exercises, and quizzes in the book make it easy to learn the interconnected technologies of languages.

By reading the book, you can:

  • Built illustrated webpages with the best design
  • Create mobile-friendly and responsive web designs
  • Make CSS animation and clear text with readability
  • Maintain, Retain, design, and grow sites
  • Use JQuery and AJAX effects

I’m sure if you are interested in the book, you will also find this other post very helpful: How to know your web design is wrong.

Back-End Web Development Books

Now we’re going to check some of the best backend web development books I recommend you to read:

8. Python Crash Course [by Eric Matthes]

Python Crash Course

Python Crash course is one of my favorite books to learn code and Python programs. I started writing codes quickly and easily to be a backend developer.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner too; you are welcome to read the book. As the book’s name indicates it is a project-based hands-on experience to build things in the way you want.

The first part of the book covers basic concepts and then some coding examples. It does not bore you and gives “Try it Yourself” exercises to enhance your interest.

Then in the second part, you will explore real-life projects.

That’s the awesome part.

It teaches building a site with Django, creating a video game with Pygame, and data visualization with the matplotlib. Grab the most sold book to leverage your web development career.

9. Node.js Web Development [by David Herron]

Node.js Web Development [by David Herron]

David Herron compiles the best techniques of node.js and express.js for web developers. By reading the book you will get the latest techniques and tools to develop scalable and fast apps with AWS and Docker.

You can use Restify Framework, Docker, Docker Swarn, MongoDB, Express 4.17, and other tools. In my opinion, Herron’s book is excellent with practical knowledge to develop apps with public hosting.

10. PHP and MySQL: Server-side Web Development [By Jon Duckett]

PHP and MySQL Server-side Web Development [By Jon Duckett]

If you are determined to build a database site with articles or blog posts, read the PHP and MySQL books. It provides practical code examples that other sites are using for site development. The infographics and illustrations help to learn PHP and MySQL for content management and to enhance site features.

11. Head First Java [by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates]

Head First Java [by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates]

New to java and web development? Don’t worry, Head First Java is the best solution for you to learn advanced level skills. The best part of the book that makes me interested is:

  • Easy and clean language
  • Visuals, examples, and infographics
  • Puzzles and quizzes
  • Beginner’s friendly with zero knowledge

In the first half, the book covers sections of OOP, variable arguments, and language features. In the next half of the book, advanced features like networking and Java IO are discussed.

12. The Joy of PHP Programming [Alan Forbes]

The Joy of PHP Programming [Alan Forbes]

Alan Forbes first discusses the basics of HTML to introduce you to web development. Then he takes a deep dive to make you an advance level programmer.

You can learn how to write codes for making a dynamic website and modify its features. The book also covers sections of MySQL with the challenging exercise to remember everything.

13. The Full Stack Developer [by Chris Northwood]

The Full Stack Developer [by Chris Northwood]

Are you among the beginners to own the tag of full stack developer? If yes, then head on to The Full Stack Developer Book. It covers every criterion of a book to be loved by the developer.

It enables you to define API domains, translate UX codes, deploy Agile vs Waterfall, store data, and enhance security.

Even the book guides you to the user interface, best site designing, ethics, and modern web development. This is the all-in-one pack for constant learning for a full-stack JS developer.

Web Designing Books

Web designing goes hand in hand with web development.

14. Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide [by Jennifer Niederst]

Learning Web Design A Beginner’s Guide [by Jennifer Niederst]

To build responsive and best design sites, you need to study the Learning web design books.


The book leads you to the working of sites and then introduces various languages. CSS, HTML, and other languages in the book make responsive web designing an easy task.

The additional tools like Git and Command Line incorporation ease your web designing work. As a beginner or learner, the book is excellent for learning web development skills.

15. Web Design Playground: HTML and CSS the Interactive Way [By Paul McFedries]

Web Design Playground HTML and CSS the Interactive Way [By Paul McFedries]

Web Design Playground is ready to go version for designing beautiful sites with the best user experience. Four sections of the book discuss various topics essential for a web developer. Learn how to write code that converts your client’s vision into reality.

Impress your client with the dreamy designed sites.

16. CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standard Solutions [by Simon Collision]

CSS Mastery Advanced Web Standard Solutions [by Simon Collision]

Are you getting tired of common design problems on your sites? CSS Mastery is an interactive solution with the best codes for debugging site problems. It is suitable for you whether you are a beginner or intermediate-level developer. Enhance the designs of your site and the understanding of SEO as a bonus.

Productivity Increasing Books

Timing and habit making is the key to success to empower your career.

17. WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing [by Daniel H. Pink]

WHEN The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing [by Daniel H. Pink]

If you are learning web development, you must believe in the power of science. Because you know how science truly transformed your life. That’s why, a scientific reason-based book by Daniel H. Pink is suitable for you.

This book shares many scientific reasons and tips to schedule your time. By reading the book you can control your time to succeed in your life and career. The tips and words of the book are supported by the research or findings of psychology and biology.

18. Designing Your Life [By Bill Burnett and Dave Evans]

Designing Your Life [By Bill Burnett and Dave Evans]

Coding and programming work creates a stressful environment for the developers if they do not manage work and rest routines. This book tries to answer simple questions to manage your daily routine.

It teaches you to balance your career, family, and lifestyle routine.

The thing is:

You will get a lot of free time to release stress and increase the productivity of your work.

Final Thoughts

It is always the best time when you start building your career. But you need the right guidance and manageable work routine to learn programming skills in 2024. If you are stuck or unclear about online courses or videos, books are engaging options with deep knowledge. You can read any of the above-mentioned best books to learn how to become a web developer.

But before starting, you should ask a few questions.

  • What is your goal?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • Which language or field do you want to master?
  • By making a complete roadmap, start your journey to a successful web development career with the potential to earn demanded money.