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+ LoopStudio

Conduiit is an early-stage startup helping film and TV production management and finance teams to work seamlessly.


+ LoopStudio

Conduiit is an early-stage startup helping film and TV production management and finance teams to work seamlessly.


About Conduiit

Conduiit is a platform built to streamline and optimize film & TV production accounting processes. It includes features like cloud-based purchase orders, payment requests, and a file management system that allows production management and finance teams to work seamlessly. Conduiit helps producers save time and money by connecting fragmented processes and eliminating friction.


Dissecting the problem

When we met, Conduiit was looking for a UX/UI design partner to work on their product, brand, and marketing materials.
They had a working product but they wished to improve their design to make it look modern, attractive, and user friendly. Additionally, they wanted to have a new landing page aligned to their product’s look and feel, a new investor pitch deck, and business cards.


This is how we managed

Our first step was to understand Conduiit’s product, analyze it, and propose flow improvements to increase usability and experience. Following this, we worked on a design style guide which later on served as the foundations for Conduiit’s new brand image. Finally, we delivered the new product designs using Figma and collaborated with their team throughout the implementation of them.
The success at this stage triggered a second project: designing Conduiit’s new landing page, an essential asset for any SaaS company. We used the style guide as a starting point and took an incremental approach to design the landing page.
Firstly, we had a kick-off meeting to get all musts and wishes from our client. We used card sorting to layout the page’s content sections and together with our client, we built the story they wanted to tell on their site.We prepared various concept wireframes to help us find the best version of our design and worked on custom-designed images to give it authenticity.
After a few iterations, we ended up with a great final outcome on time and budget and proceeded to hand it off to their development team.
The last challenge was to work on a new design for their investor pitch deck. The goal was to bring Conduiit’s new product and brand image into their pitch deck and help them impress potential clients and investors. This process led us to connect more deeply with our client’s business and, as a result, we truly feel we are part of their current success story.


A great-looking product and brand

The design work done during the last year has helped Conduiit to position itself as a very engaging and easy-to-use platform among its users. The new look has helped them gain traction and bring in more clients generating momentum. Our relationship has grown and strengthened, making us feel proud to work together and for Conduiit’s success.

“LoopStudio has been an invaluable partner for our team. As a startup, it is essential for us to strike the right balance between ambitious and incremental ideas. The team at LoopStudio always provides the right ideas at the right time. They are much more than designers. They are also our strategic partners.”

Shawn Hamilton – Founder & CEO