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In this case study, we delve into the fascinating realm of decentralized crowdfunding. Our team embarked on a mission to revolutionize traditional fundraising by harnessing the power of Web3 technologies. Through the implementation of Solidity 0.8, Nest.js, MongoDB, Next.js, Wagmi, and Metamask, we created a decentralized crowdfunding platform that offered enhanced security, transparency, and inclusivity, empowering both project creators and backers.


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The Challenge

To realize our vision of a decentralized crowdfunding platform, we turned to Solidity 0.8, a powerful programming language specifically designed for developing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Leveraging the expressive features of Solidity, we constructed a robust and secure foundation for our platform, ensuring the integrity and immutability of all transactions and interactions.


Nest.js & MongoDB

To provide real-time and accurate information to platform users, we implemented smart contract event listening on our backend using Nest.js and MongoDB. This allowed us to generate offchain data that could be seamlessly integrated into our decentralized application (dApp). By capturing and processing relevant events emitted by the smart contracts, we ensured that users had access to up-to-date and reliable information regarding project milestones, contributions, and progress.


To offer a user-friendly and engaging experience, we built our dApp using Next.js, a popular React framework. With its seamless server-side rendering capabilities, Next.js allowed us to create dynamic and responsive interfaces. Additionally, we integrated Wagmi, a decentralized governance and identity solution, to ensure transparency and accountability within our crowdfunding ecosystem.


To streamline the onboarding process and enhance security, we implemented Metamask, a widely adopted Ethereum wallet. By enabling wallet signup/sign-in using Metamask’s passwordless approach, we eliminated the need for users to remember additional login credentials. This simplified authentication process ensured a frictionless user experience, reducing barriers to entry for both project creators and backers.

We’ve got hands-on experience deploying smart contracts on some awesome networks, including RSK, Ethereum, and Polygon. Our team has dived into the world of blockchain and honed our skills in successfully implementing smart contracts on these networks. We’ve learned the ins and outs of each network, adapting our deployments to meet their unique requirements and features. With this solid knowledge, we’ve been able to consistently deliver top-notch smart contract deployments, ensuring efficiency and reliability along the way.

Open Source

If you want to check our code you can access to any of our repos