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Our Data Engineering Services

Discover the transformative power of data with LoopStudio’s premier data engineering services. Our expert team is dedicated to optimizing your data infrastructure, offering bespoke solutions for data storage, analysis, and integration.

Our data engineering services are the cornerstone for organizations looking to harness the full potential of their data assets.

We specialize in creating robust, scalable, and efficient data infrastructures that empower businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive innovation. 

Partner with us to unlock the transformative power of your data.

So… What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is a critical field that focuses on the practical application of data collection, storage, processing, and analysis. It involves developing architectures and systems that allow for efficient and effective handling of large volumes of data. 

Data engineers are the architects who build and maintain the foundation that supports advanced data analytics and machine learning, ensuring data is accurate, accessible, and secure. In the digital age, data engineering is essential for organizations looking to leverage data as a strategic asset.

Data Engineering Services we can provide to your company

How we do Data Engineering Services at LoopStudio

Some of our Data Engineering Case Studies:

Client 1

Construction and enhancement of a robust data warehouse utilizing Snowflake, integrating a variety of data sources. We are dedicated to refining and sustaining multiple data pipelines, leveraging advanced AWS services like Lambda and S3, complemented by the capabilities of Apache Spark. Additionally, we are responsible for the implementation and management of various data jobs orchestrated through Jenkins, ensuring streamlined operations and accessibility across the company.

Client 2

We engage in the development and ongoing maintenance of efficient data pipelines, utilizing the AWS Python SDK, Apache Airflow, and dbt. Our team specializes in creating and managing incremental pipelines that are essential in supplying data marts throughout the organization. We also play a pivotal role in the architectural design of new pipelines and data services, ensuring they are optimized for performance and scalability to meet the company’s evolving data needs.

Internal project

We have crafted a data solution tailored for our operations department. This system is designed to seamlessly extract labor data from our time-tracking software, enabling detailed analysis and insights. We’ve developed a robust data pipeline using Airflow, Python, and dbt, which efficiently feeds into a Snowflake-based data warehouse. Leveraging the power of Apache Superset, we create insightful visualizations that enhance our understanding of the data.

Our team has developed extensive expertise in data management and optimization, specifically within the AWS cloud platform. Through dedicated exploration and practice in the realm of data engineering, we have honed our skills in effectively navigating and exploiting the robust features of AWS. Our deep understanding of AWS’s unique capabilities allows us to tailor our data engineering strategies to leverage its full potential. This specialized focus has enabled us to consistently deliver outstanding data engineering solutions, marked by efficiency, scalability, and reliability in each project we undertake.

Our Data Engineering Tools & Technologies

AWS offers scalable cloud computing solutions, essential for data storage, processing, and analytics in data engineering. Its services like Amazon S3 and Redshift support robust and secure data infrastructures.

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform known for its ease of use, scalability, and secure data sharing capabilities, making it a popular choice for data engineering projects.

Apache Airflow is an open-source tool for orchestrating complex computational workflows and data processing pipelines, allowing data engineers to automate and monitor their workflows efficiently.

dbt is a transformation tool that enables data engineers to transform, test, and document data in the warehouse more efficiently, facilitating cleaner and more reliable data for analysis.

Power BI is a business analytics tool from Microsoft. It allows data engineers and analysts to visualize data and share insights across an organization, or embed them in an app or website.


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