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Embracing the Power of Collaboration and Leadership: Introducing Tech Leads at LoopStudio

In the rapidly evolving world of software development, our company has recently undergone a transformative change by introducing a new role: tech leads. We’re excited to share our experience and shed light on the internal process behind this decision. 

Formalizing Time and Contributions

One of the main reasons we introduced the tech lead role was to formalize the time available for each tech lead outside client work. It’s crucial to recognize that tech leads have valuable insights and expertise that can benefit the entire company. By formalizing this dedicated time, we can ensure that we have the bandwidth to make a broader impact and contribute to the growth of our organization beyond our immediate projects.

Recognizing Contributions and Setting an Example

At LoopStudio, we strongly believe in recognizing and rewarding individuals who consistently demonstrate their dedication and contribute to the company as a whole. By establishing the tech lead role, we provide a tangible way to acknowledge and celebrate those who have made significant contributions. It also serves as an inspiration for other developers, setting a benchmark for excellence and encouraging them to strive for their achievements.

Creating a Scalable Structure

As our company continues to grow, scalability becomes paramount. By incorporating tech leads, we have established a structured framework that enables safe scaling within our engineering area. This distribution of leadership responsibilities ensures that projects are effectively managed, tasks are delegated efficiently, and our overall productivity remains high. This approach fosters knowledge sharing, skill development and promotes collaboration among team members.

The Multifaceted Responsibilities of a Tech Lead

Tech Leads are entrusted with a range of responsibilities that go beyond technical expertise. 

  1. Engineering Collaborator:

Being a tech lead means actively collaborating with our engineering team, bridging the gap between developers and management. They provide guidance, support, and technical insights to peers, fostering a cohesive and high-performing engineering culture. Plus, they’re in charge of Tech Councils, fostering internal growth and learning processes. Together, they strive to achieve project success and drive continuous improvement.

  1. Tech Lead or Senior Developer at Client Projects

As tech leads, they have the privilege of assuming leadership or senior developer roles in client projects. Alongside contributing their technical expertise, they guide and mentor junior team members, encouraging their growth and development within our organization. This role allows them to make a direct impact on our client’s success while fostering a collaborative and learning-oriented environment.

  1. Pre-Sales Engineering

Another crucial responsibility I embrace as a tech lead is engaging in pre-sales engineering activities. They collaborate with our sales and business development teams, principal engineer, and CTO, providing technical insights and solutions during the sales process. By aligning client requirements with technical feasibility, I contribute to the successful execution of projects right from the beginning, ensuring client satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

  1. Supporting New Project Kickoff:

Tech leads play an active role in supporting the kickoff of new projects. They’re involved in planning and scoping activities, helping define project goals, timelines, and resource allocation. By being present from the initial stages, they ensure that projects are set up for success and align with our company’s strategic objectives. Additionally, they help to make architecture decisions, come up with scalable architecture, and guarantee documentation and high-quality code standards.    


By formalizing time allocation, recognizing contributions, and establishing a scalable structure, our organization empowers us as tech leads to make a broader impact and guide our engineering team toward success. The multifaceted responsibilities we undertake foster collaboration, innovation, and growth within our company. As LoopStudio continues to evolve, the tech lead role serves as a beacon, inspiring developers to aim for excellence and reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional software solutions.