The largest videogame database on the market.

 About the client

Gameopedia manages one of the world’s largest live video game databases, which they license to businesses providing them with quick and cost-effective solutions to varying data needs. From stores and apps to AI tech, Gameopedia provides video game data to some of the biggest companies in the world through their various API options, on a mission to revolutionize the way game data is presented and used.


Around March 2015 we onboarded the Gameopedia project to help develop and maintain one of the largest (if not the largest) video game databases on the market. We were also assigned the development of a web application that would serve the purpose of showcasing the API’s full potential.


The project was managed in an agile way, with development completed over 1 week sprints with the product manager reviewing the work during daily stand-ups and weekly scrums. This allowed us to deploy a showcase web application to production in less than 2 months while also working on both the API’s back-end and the CMS site for the data entry specialists.


Loop managed to achieve each task successfully, helping Gameopedia in turn to achieve their own goals. We provided Ruby on Rails development for the API, CMS for data input, and extensive front-end JavaScript programming for the website.


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