Mid/Sr. Data Engineer

Location: Montevideo / Remote

We are looking for a great Data Engineer to join us!

Our team is growing and facing new and exciting challenges. 

Job Description

For this position we are in search of a Data Engineer with +2 years of experience building data pipelines to run a series of transformation steps each day, resulting in ‘data marts’ and ‘data warehouses’ that are ready for analysts.

We expect Data engineers work in a variety of settings to build systems that collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts to interpret. Their ultimate goal is to make data accessible so that organizations can use it to evaluate and optimize their performance.

Committed to:

Providing Data Analytics solutions, developing ETL pipelines to read data from external sources, transform and store them on data warehouses.


– SQL, Use SQL to transform data from one shape to another (reshaping data)
– Python, Use Python to transform data from one shape to another
– Prefect
– SnowFlake
– Kafka

Experience with or similar

– Docker
– Terraform

Nice to have

– Spark
– Pandas
– PowerBI
– Tableau
– Pentaho
– Experience building REST APIs to expose data

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