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QA Cypress + JS Engineer

Location: 🇺🇾 Uruguay / 🇦🇷 Argentina / Remote


We are looking for a great QA to join us!


Job Description

For this position, we are in search of an experienced Sr. QA Automation engineer. We expect candidates with solid coding skills for designing and implementing various automated solutions, a keen eye for detail, excellent project management skills and a desire to keep learning and applying new procedures.

Committed to:

– Meeting with the software design team to discuss verification protocols.

– Identifying software application weaknesses and target areas.

– Sketching out ideas for automated software test procedures.

– Identify bugs and devise solutions to these problems.

– Writing automation scripts and implementing software applications.

– Troubleshooting automation software and finalizing system procedures.

– Identifying quality issues and creating test reports.

– Collaborating with the design team to solve application faults.

Hiring Process

📝 Initial CV/LinkedIn screening
📞 Screening call
💻 Technical Call
💬 Meet the founder
✉️ Proposal or rejection with a feedback


– Previous experience working as a QA automation engineer (3+ year).
– Experience in programming skills including automation systems and databases.
– API testing knowledge.
– Experience with Cypress + JS
– Unit, Functional and Integration testing.
– Excellent analytical skills.
– Detailed knowledge of application functions, bug fixing, and testing protocols.
– Good project management skills.


– Teamwork
– Proactivity
– Good job estimation.
– Methodical, organized, and consistent in completing your work.
– Good English and Spanish written and oral communication skills.
– Constant interest in learning.

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