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Kenny Bet + LoopStudio

We teamed up with Kenny.bet to tackle their needs for a fresh version of their existing system through our design sprint. Our main aim was to level up their user interface and explore cool ways to integrate a new area of business with a sports betting exchange.

Kenny Bet

+ LoopStudio



The client had a working product but wished to explore a new user experience and interface, as well as expand their services to attract a wider audience. They were looking for a reliable tech partner (that’s us!) to revamp their system and boost their chances of success in the online sports betting market, which can be pretty competitive. Plus, sports betting has immediate obvious financial consequences, and Kenny.bet trusted our technical expertise and feasibility analysis.

Team Composition

Of course, every project needs a dedicated and skilled squad. We assembled an experienced team with our CTO, a developer, a UX designer, and a PM to act as the design sprint facilitator. They brought all their technical know-how and creative design skills to the table and proved to be the perfect choice for this project.


This is how
we managed

The project had two major phases: the design sprint and the MVP’s tech roadmap. 

The design sprint involved many collaborative and creative tasks for which we used Miro, a whiteboarding tool that kept things organized and helped us communicate like a well-oiled machine. For design and prototyping we used our ever-trusted Figma and kept iterating in feedback cycles until we achieved a client approved design. 

The second phase of the project consisted of creating a tech roadmap outlining the key milestones and timelines for bringing the new system to life. And to make sure everything was rock-solid, we created a detailed system architecture diagram that ensured the system could scale, perform well, and be expanded upon in the future.

Challenges & Takeaways

Our partnership with Kenny.bet was a game-changer. We took their user experience to a new level and unlocked exciting new business opportunities in the sports betting market. By using our Design Sprint methodology, leveraging the latest tech, and keeping the communication lines wide open, we gave Kenny.bet the chance to become a major player in the industry. We’re really proud of the results we achieved and of the relationship we built with the client during this project. 


An impactful

We took Kenny.bet’s user interface to a whole new level. Our high-fidelity prototype brought in modern design principles, easy navigation, and supercharged usability. Plus, the technical roadmap will allow our clients to make any iterations on the product whenever they want, following the know-how of scalability we gave them. 

Brian Meissner

Product Founder

"Collaborating with LoopStudio has been fantastic. From the moment they were hired for the design sprint the entire team has felt like genuine partners in helping shape a meager proof of concept into a product viable for my own use that has direct pathways towards additional go to market strategies. I couldn’t thank them enough - so I just hired them again!"



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