Managed Services

We will join your team to provide extra resources for when you need or want us to manage all or a part of your product’s development. Our process results in providing quality deliverables that saves you time and money.

With straight forward hourly or full-time pricing, we avoid complicated agreements and get straight to providing you the resources you need to help your team and product flourish.

Our first and main priority is saving our client’s time. That’s why we provide skilled developers with the necessary knowledge and equipment to solve your problems the first time without the need of excessive management on your end.

We take full responsibility for the execution and management of the process which lets our clients focus on other parts of their business.

We become a part of your team adapting to the way your team works. You won’t think of us as an outsourced group but rather remote teammates ready to pitch in and step up when you need a hand.

Ready to get to know us?

We strive to build long-lasting partnerships by providing exceptional services to organizations of all sizes. To produce the highest quality products possible we follow a series of rules we collect in our Playbook.

We share our Playbook with to be transparent with the way we work and to mantain the best communication with our clients.

Our Practices


– Design Sprint
– Lean Product Development
– Agile Delivery Leadership


– Web Development
– Mobile Development
– Platform Development
– Legacy re-engineering
– Automated Testing

UX/UI Design

– Understand & define
– Low fidelity Wireframes
– Design & Adjust
– High fidelity Prototypes
– Validate layouts


– Continuous Integration
– Auto-Scaling
– Continuous Deployment
– Error & Performance Monitoring


– Enterprise Applications
– Platform Integrations