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Propelify is one of NJ’’s most relevant innovation and technology festivals gathering over 5.000 attendees every year.


+ LoopStudio

Propelify is one of NJ’’s most relevant innovation and technology festivals gathering over 5.000 attendees every year.


About Propelify

Since its launch in 2016, Propelify has become one of the East Coast’s most popular tech and innovation festivals. Bringing over 5,000 attendees together from multiple industries and countries, this festival is a great networking opportunity for startups, investors, and relevant actors in the tech ecosystem. Propelify is powered by TechUnited and hosts over 100 speakers every year, together with attractive activities such as a pitch competition and investor speed dating.


Dissecting the problem

Our client wanted to update its brand and website. The new site had to transmit innovation and futurism, as well as fun and excitement. It had to be visually impactful and provide a great user experience, focusing on converting visitors into attendees. Additionally, it had to be easily maintainable and editable.


This is how we managed

We adopted a collaborative approach with short feedback cycles and many creative dynamics to propel the creation of the new digital image. We structured the work in sprints covering specific goals, from exploring and creating a complete design guideline to implementing and testing every feature.

Stage 1 – Build the foundations
The project’s first stage involved analyzing aesthetic trends, researching on current competitors, selecting viable options, and presenting multiple drafts to discuss with the client. We had to agree on a specific direction and later build the design style guide, which would serve as the website’s design foundation.
Propelify’s slogan, Let’s propel!, plus the event’s focus on innovation, technology, and fun, inspired us to go bold with bright and neon colors, strong contrasts, gradients, and an impactful font like Kanit to highlight the site’s headings.
The finished style guide included the color palette, font guidelines, and many reusable resources like buttons, core graphics, icons, and forms. At the same time, we worked on a sitemap to dimension the site’s structure.

Stage 2 – Design and implement
Building the Home page was critical to this project as it was the most complex and essential page. Following our client’s input, we first defined the page’s structure and made a first draft using the agreed style guide. Collaborative feedback cycles led us to refine the page and test different ways to showcase the event’s information and conversion CTAs. An early WordPress implementation also allowed us to try the page and get our client’s team feedback for later improvements.

Working in constant collaboration with our client was vital for the project’s agility and incremental improvements. At the same time, the early involvement of our WP developer helped us adjust the design to potential technical constraints.

Stage 3 – Migration
We chose to implement the pages as soon as the client approved each. This phase included not just the pages’ development but also many marketing plugins installation and setting. After its validation, we migrated the old site into a new domain to avoid losing valuable information and migrated the new site into the final domain. Additionally, we included an advanced performance optimization of the site.

Stage 4 – Migration
Following the site’s launch, we have continued supporting the site through periodic maintenance and improvements suggested by our client’s team and visitors’ data. We developed tutorial videos to help our customer update the site on the go as needed.


An impactful site

Propelify’s new brand image is modern, futuristic, and fun. The new site is faster, cleaner, and more attractive than the previous one. Our client received great feedback from previous attendees and we look forward to experiencing the best Propelify edition yet. #LetsPropel

“Longtime fans of Propelify were absolutely stunned at the look and feel of this new website! Our team is proud of the site that now echos the spirit and energy of the event!”

Jasmine Ward | Head of Experience at TechUnited:NJ