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We’re a reliable software agency that creates custom prototypes to help businesses bring their ideas to life. Our experienced developers and designers identify potential problems early on, saving you time and reducing development costs. Trust us to align your business goals and user needs with our prototype services.

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What is a

A prototype is a product’s preliminary model or version created to test and refine its design and functionality. Prototyping is a crucial step in product development as it helps identify and address any issues or flaws before producing the final product. By creating and testing a prototype, designers and developers can ensure that the final product meets the needs of its intended audience and is as effective and user-friendly as possible.

Benefits of developing a prototype (with us!)


Check out our work with some of the companies that trusted on us for their projects:

Propelify is one of NJ’s most relevant innovation and technology festivals gathering over 5,000 attendees every year.

Uruguay’s top exchange houses came together to build MiCambio, an app that grants its users access to preferential currency exchange rates.

MemberSpace creates a members’ only access to any page of your website without the need for extra coding nor getting locked into a specific CMS.

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Should I build a prototype?

Developing a prototype can help businesses to:

What are the different types of prototypes?

Low-fidelity prototype for exploring design concepts and basic functionality quickly.

Digital prototype for testing user flow and navigation.

 High-fidelity prototype for testing visual design and branding

Created to demonstrate the feasibility of an idea or test a new technology.

Includes all necessary features and functionality for testing product performance and user experience.

Allows user interaction to test usability and user experience.

What are the steps involved in prototype development?

Overall, prototype development is an iterative process that involves testing and refining the prototype until it meets the project's and its users' needs.

The steps involved in prototype development can vary, but here is a general overview of the process:

This involves determining the problem the prototype will solve, the target audience, and the features the prototype should include.

This involves sketching out the basic layout and functionality of the prototype.

This can involve creating low-fidelity prototypes, such as paper or wireframe prototypes, and high-fidelity prototypes with detailed design elements.

This can involve conducting user testing to identify any usability issues or bugs and gathering feedback from stakeholders to ensure that the prototype meets their needs and requirements.

Based on the feedback gathered from user testing and stakeholder feedback, the prototype should be iterated and refined to address any issues and improve its usability and functionality.

The final step is to finalize it. This involves ensuring it’s ready for release, including addressing any final issues and ensuring it is fully functional and meets all project goals and requirements.

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