Social Pet

Social platform that helps to seek and recover lost pets.

 About the client

Social platform that helps to seek and recover lost pets. A mobile application to enable pet owners to locate their missing pets, and for individuals who have found lost animals to locate their owners. Additionally, SocialPet aims to be a place to help homeless pets find a loving home.


SocialPet needed a mobile application for the iOS and Android platforms. These application needed to be as intuitive as possible for any kind of user.

Loop Studio was hired to design and develop the application using React Native, and a Ruby on Rails API for the backend.


We designed the app focusing on simplicity and ease of use to create a fantastic user experience.

We created the iOS and Android apps using React Native, first by designing the architecture of the app, then building different structures of each section, and focusing separately on each section to develop its specific functionalities.

We built the backend API using Ruby on Rails. In parallel to the mobile application, a backend API was developed to store all the information in a cloud based server.

The project took 4 months from start to deployment in the Play Store.


Using our iterative development process we were able to create the Android and iOS apps from scratch. With simplicity as our focal point we succeeded in building the best user experience for any kind of user, regardless of age or technical background.

They not only listened to my ideas, but also shared theirs with me, enriching my project and making it more beautiful and functional than I ever imagined. They make you feel as a member of the team, developing a project all together. I am very pleased with the results.

They work fast and with high quality, respect and commitment.

Cecilia CristinaOwner

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