CEO & Co-founder

Eduardo Vargas

CEO and Co-Founder at LoopStudio. Since the company’s inception, Edu has dedicated his efforts to company leadership and growth, resulting in a rich client diversity spanning locally and abroad.  Edu obsesses over detail in everything he touches.

An avid CrossFit addict, Edu is rarely caught far away from a CrossFit box, especially when traveling. He also enjoys socks with a little personality to them.

COO & Co-founder

Agustín Pérez

COO and Co-founder at LoopStudio. As COO Agus is always experimenting with new approaches to improving company decision-making and enhancing the flow of engineering strategies to better serve end-clients. Agus oversees team design, grouping Loop team members with complementary skill sets to more effectively execute on projects.

When Agus is not scheming on Loop, you can find him scheming on Magic The Gathering.

CTO & Co-founder

Augusto Studer

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history in the Information Technologies industry. Skilled Full-Stack developer who is always looking into new technologies and keeping up with the latest trends.

Tech & Partner

Matt Reed

Matt is a technologist from Philadelphia. He received both his BS and MBA at RIT and after working as a SysAdmin in the financial industry, he became an entrepreneur. In 2017 he visited Uruguay and he liked it so much he moved there the following year.

Matt is an avid coffee drinker, especially cold brew. Yerba mate is still the most popular drink in UY, but he takes credit for the Loop office’s new-found appreciation for coffee beans.

Frontend Engineering Lead

Jorge Moller

George is a dynamic and detail-oriented web developer, armed with an extensive understanding of Javascript, React, CSS and HTML. When he is not heads down digging into a React app or marking up an elegant web interface, you can probably find George in his natural element, playing soccer with his friends.

Sharing a last name with the infamous Pablo Escobar, George is often given a hard time whenever passing through airport security.

Head of Talent

Sofía Torres

Sofi is the Head of Talent with a firm belief in the power of teamwork. Sofi’s seven years of experience managing developers in the IT industry makes her an important part of the team, given that developers are core to Loop’s mission. Sofi helps developers reach their full potential by managing their challenges and promoting their strengths.

Fun fact: Sofi loves photography and music and regularly attends concerts.

Engineering Lead

Mauricio Coniglio

Dually effective at leadership and full-stack development, Mauri brings over 6 years of experience helping entrepreneurs build their dream products. He is skilled in several programming languages and platforms, and he is responsible for ensuring that the LoopStudio development team is always operating on the bleeding edge of technologies, tools, and competencies.

Mauri has two loves in life: table games and burgers.


Ma Noel Bassagoda

Noel is a Full Stack Developer and engineering student with a strong passion for new, innovative technologies. Noe is a dedicated and focused engineer who always aims to hone her professional and technical skills.

Fun fact: Noe is a tv-series geek, and even created her own media server because Netflix simply wasn’t enough.

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Engineering Lead

Leticia Esperon

Agile development enthusiast and a people-focused manager, Leticia is a software engineer who finds her passion in backend design and building strong, autonomous teams. She is well-known in the office for her love of colorful post-it notes. An ex-gymnast, Leti enjoys jazz dance lessons and lives for her morning yoga.

Fun fact: Leti studied abroad in Germany but may have managed to not learn a single word in the language.


Luca Leiva

Luca is a curious and proactive software developer who enjoys problem solving and always puts his best foot forward to deliver the right solutions. With expertise ranging from back-end to front-end, Luca is well-versed to help his colleagues with any task.

When he is not developing software, Luca likes to spend time reading anything from software blogs to fantasy books, watching new series on Netflix, pumping the Rambla on his longboard, or spoiling his cat.

Business Dev. & Partner

Cory Shea

Cory is a generalist by nature, with a bent toward business development and finance. He has founded, advised, and invested in numerous early-stage ventures, specifically in the technology and consumer space. Prior to full-time entrepreneurship, his corporate experience includes time at Procter & Gamble and KPMG. Cory received a BS from Penn State University and currently resides in Mexico City, Mexico.

Fun fact: Cory is licensed to drive a forklift and speaks better Spanish than Matt.

Finances & Partner

Alex Goodman

Alex is an international finance professional with +10 years of experience working with clients spanning from early-stage start-ups to global multinational corporations and public sector institutions. Particularly, Alex has hands-on experience investing in private companies namely in financial technology and energy markets. Academically, he is trained as an economist, and practically speaking, Alex is a passionate entrepreneur that loves helping to empower businesses to scale and succeed.

Alex loves bluegrass music and enjoying a properly prepared Yerba mate in the morning.


Cindy Acuña

A hungry university student with the ambitious dream of becoming the best developer in Uruguay, Cindy is highly resourceful when it comes to finding unique approaches to addressing code-solvable problems.

Fun fact: Cindy’s bedroom looks like a rainforest – she has quite the green thumb.


George Miller

George joined the team with a proven track record in enterprise sales across a number of technology product offerings and markets. Working closely with operations and delivery teams to ensure success for his clients, George stresses the importance of transparency and accountability as keys to success.

In his spare time he likes to travel and enjoy the great outdoors, spending much of his time hiking, skiing and camping whenever the opportunity presents itself. An interesting fact about George is that he is a tri-citizen with a US, UK & New Zealand passport which enabled him to play for the NZ national lacrosse team.


Diego Basterrech

Academically speaking, Diego has a peculiar background being the guy who studied architecture yet ended up becoming a developer. Getting his start writing billions of tests for a major app, Diego’s personal software development mantra is “nothing works until heavily tested”. Other peculiar accolades include fixing phones since he was 5 years old, and making a 3D printer from scratch with only glue and a stick…with the use of only his left hand.

Fun fact: Diego carries a wealth of dad joke material, and claims that he is under strict doctor’s orders to not spend more than a week without eating sushi.


Valentina Franchi

Valentina is an experienced front-end developer, driven by the challenge to build user experiences that are engaging and intuitive. Vale loves working with larger teams of people, finding enjoyment in the opportunities to learn and grow through collaboration. She is a firm believer that combining unique perspectives from each team member always results in better solutions.

Fun fact: When Vale graduated, she managed to stay purple for a few days due to all of the purple paint her friends threw at her!


Pat Zailckas

Pat has a knack for taking complex, manual processes and systematizing them through technology and data automation. His background in engineering and business make him well-equipped to draw effective connections between business needs and technology structures.

Away from the computer, Pat’s passions lie in reading philosophy, practicing martial arts, and skating. Occasionally, he accidentally blocks peoples’ views at concerts (he is very tall).


Micaela Wolman

Mica is a skilled Full-Stack Developer. Beyond Mica’s technical expertise, she is also in charge of organizing team events and ensuring a welcoming office environment. In addition, Mica is a professional dancer with a strong love for the arts.

Fun fact: Mica is still waiting for Dobby to apparate her into Hogwarts so she can go on adventures with Harry Potter.

UX/UI Designer

Magdalena Invernizzi

Magdalena (“Male”) works alongside the design team in the areas of web design and development. Male has a passion for technology and believes user experiences should be seamless, simple, and intuitive.

Fun fact: Male will happily talk about a beloved book, tv-show or movie for hours.


Rodrigo Minetti

Rodrigo is a front-end developer who is always eager to learn new concepts regarding any aspect of software development. He is a martial arts enthusiast with a black belt in karate and has a soft spot for extreme sports, enjoying the occasional scuba dive or remote mountain trek. Legend has it that he has never been in a bad mood at the office.

Fun fact: Simply put, he loves Jello.

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Office Manager

Silvina Audi

Our friendly and reliable office manager Silvina, loves working with people and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it. Sil puts her effort and focus on processes and strategies which help to improve our work environment at LoopStudio. She is always open to facing new challenges and seeking out opportunities to help our organization grow and succeed as one team.

Hidden talent: Sil is a professional makeup artist, and she also plays the piano.

Business Development

Anthony Pecorino

Although Anthony is a Mechanical Engineer by trade (with the degree and student loan debt to prove it), you might be surprised by his resume. Between teaching himself SQL to land a database administrator position, and learning C#, .NET, and PLC’s from scratch to become an industrial software developer he’s shown he’s not afraid to take on new challenges when it comes to his career. Now working in business development, his decade’s worth of multidisciplinary engineering experience gives him a unique perspective and an advantage in the challenges of the sales world.

Once upon a time, Anthony was born and lived in Hawaii where he was warm and happy, until his “evil” parents decided to move to cold and boring New York. That was almost twenty years ago and Anthony still hasn’t gotten over it.


Stefano Terzaghi

Stefano is a Backend Developer. Since Stefano was a child, he has regularly visited IT forums and disassembled computers. Stefano’s natural interest in computers and technology makes him a highly skilled programmer with strong problem solving skills.

Fun fact: Stefano performs best when he drinks caffeine.

Intership Anima

Shaina de los Santos

Shaina works as part of Anima’s program. She is receiving mentorship and support from senior developers who are teaching her various programming tools and languages.

Hidden talent: Shaina is an excellent tattoo artist – she even bought her own machine and tattooed her own wrist.


Tiago Zarzavidjian

Tiago is a passionate IT student and a recent addition to the team. As a Frontend Developer, Tiago loves working with elegant and creative designs. Tiago is always willing to work with various team members and learn about new design tools.

Fun fact: Tiago’s last name is Zarzavidjian, which almost everybody spells wrong.

Graphic Designer

Eugenia Godoy

Eugenia is a graphic designer who believes in applying design to everything in her life, (she would spend all her money on decorating her room). Eugenia has been a fan of technology since she was little, and now is enthusiastic about functionality and making things look good. She also believes that team work gives the best results and lives by the rule that less is more.

Fun Fact: Eugenia used to be an addict to the Sims but insists EA messed things up.


Moira Lasserre

With a science background on her shoulders, Moira feels very comfortable facing challenges that require lots of investigation. She has a soft spot for Front-End development and all things React, and particularly enjoys a good debugging session.

Fun fact: As a proper millennial, Moi loves avocados and volunteers to foster kittens at her home. Her music taste is broad but tends to revolve around the nostalgia of the 90s.

UX/UI Designer

Cecilia Ogara

Cecilia is a passionate, committed and detail oriented graphic designer, who recently received her UX/UI Master degree in Spain at ELISAVA Institute. Ceci is hungry for knowledge and always determined in bettering her professional and personal growth.

Fun fact: Cecilia’s hidden hobby is walking through the city at night while listening to music and dancing as she walks… Even though sometimes she might look a bit crazy.

Business Developer

Andrés Ruiz

Andy defines himself as someone with expert range and a willingness to go the extra mile to dazzle his customers. Always learning and honing his skills, he is currently undergoing a masters in International Management in Germany, where he has also been appointed as an Honorary Lecturer. Andy joins our Business Development Team bringing 7 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Leadership roles.

Fun fact: Gets incredibly cranky after two days without going to the gym.