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TechUnited:NJ Dashboard

+ LoopStudio

TechUnited:NJ’s members-only dashboard connects over 400 companies from New Jersey’s tech ecosystem.

TechUnited:NJ Dashboard

+ LoopStudio

MemberSpace creates a members’ only access to any page of your website without the need for extra coding nor getting locked into a specific CMS.


About TechUnited:NJ

Formerly known as NJ Tech Council, this NGO empowers more than 400 members through networking events, mentorship programs, awards, and innovative offerings. They are a benchmark in New Jersey’s tech industry and hosts of Propelify, a major innovation and entrepreneurship festival.


Dissecting the problem

TechUnited:NJ wanted to create a digital environment where its members could interact and receive members-only content. The project consisted of developing a web app dashboard where users could visualize and submit content, access other members’ contact details, and receive information on NJ’s tech ecosystem events.
One of the main challenges we experienced was the flow of the User’s profile creation. This was not the typical flow. Every subscription was subject to approval from an administrator in the backend and then communicated with Stripe to trigger the subscription confirmation and subsequent payments.

As usual in an agile environment, communicating with the client’s team to learn from constant feedback was a must. Such feedback, combined with the project’s flexibility, let us modify requests or pivot from iteration to iteration, delivering the greatest possible value.


This is how we managed

After thorough deliberation, we decided to build the app on Ruby on Rails for the backend and React for the frontend. We formed a cross-functional team of back and front developers, a UX/UI designer, and a project manager to tackle the project.
In the beginning, we adopted a collaborative approach with short feedback cycles with the client to help us agree on the app’s core functionalities, features, and design. Once the design process speeded up, we moved on to weekly demos to show progress and spot improvements to later iterate on every feature.

The dashboard was rolled out in stages. This allowed the client’s team to test and provide feedback on the user experience and help us refine it.
Once the app was finished, we provided support, training, and tutorials to the client’s team to motivate a higher engagement with the product and help them onboard their members onto the platform.


Increasing community engagement

We ended up delivering an awesome-looking platform where users can quickly get to know relevant events, news, and any relevant info about NJ’s tech industry. Members of the client’s community can now interact, learn more about each other, and engage in a new way. You can learn more about TU:NJ by visiting their site here.

“LoopStudio has taken our vision and brought it to life. They’re genuinely committed to fulfilling our needs.”

Ana Mazumdar | Marketing & Experience Manager, TechUnited