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Best 9 Websites on How to Learn Ruby on Rails

Are you willing to become an Expert programmer with the latest technologies? Have you just stepped in and continued learning? Welcome, you are at the right place for expert guidance. 

If you are reading our blog, then you have decided to learn ruby on rails. You know the importance of ruby on rails to build a mobile app and a website from scratch. A

All the big companies are using the ruby on rails framework. In fact, all they know that Ruby on rails is one of the best languages for web development, owing to its fast speed, developer’s friendly community, and best plugins and modules. 

Airbnb, Hulu, GitHub, Shopify, Codecademy, and Fab.com are deploying ruby on rails. Then, why you don’t master the skill to increase your demand and excellence of work. 

Best 9 Websites on How to Learn Ruby on Rails

How long does it take to learn ruby on rails, and how useful it is? Where you can learn ruby on rails? Continue reading our guide to get the best answers to your queries with resources.

1. Go Rails

Go Rails is one of my best websites to learn ruby on rails free. It is the best resource for rail developers to learn fast. The thousands of online reviewers consider it the best platform for beginner and seasoned developers. 

You can access most free videos for learning ruby on rails. But to access Slack and the discussion community, you need to get a subscription. Indeed, Gorails is an excellent website loved by web developers and software engineers. 

Gorails course and tutorials enable you to:

  • Build major mobile applications
  • Learn CSS and JavaScript use in Ruby on Rails
  • Start and code on Ruby on rails 
  • Design and redirect your learning path

Any Bonus Benefit: 

The website offers additional resources for learning the latest techniques. Each of the latest concepts or updates constitutes many episodes with illustrative videos. 

2. Codecademy

Do clients demand a certificate to verify your qualifications? Here’s the deal for you: 

Codecademy is the most authentic platform trusted by web developers. It rewards a certificate on the completion of the course. You will be able to make fully functional eight mobile applications with their course.  

Their website is useful for you as a beginner with complete free tutorials. Moreover, it offers separate videos for both Ruby and Rails learning. It is the fastest way to learn RoR with 20 hours of videos. Each course comprises 5 modules with quizzes to assess your learning. 

With the help of Codecademy tutorials, you can build innovative portfolio projects to attract great clients.

3. Try Ruby

The accessible style Try Ruby website is an easy resource for beginner web developers. It just needs your 30 minutes to start learning ruby on rails. The website is comprehensive for learning with the following features:

  • Exercises to try your ruby on rails code
  • Articles for understanding languages
  • Playground section with advanced Ruby features
  • Copy the codes that you like and work

I recommend you use the Try Ruby website to enhance your RoR skills.

4. The Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Are you exclusively new to RoR and have never written any code or line? No need to worry because I’m suggesting you best solution. 

The Ruby on Rails Tutorial provides the free edition of the latest book. It is a perfect fit for you to make basic concepts and strengthen them. The in-depth learning guide empowers you to build industrial-strength web applications. The 6th edition of the book focuses on Rails 5 to establish powerful applications like GitHub. 

The ebook is free to download. But if you need the screencast tutorials, pay and download the book.

5. Rails for Zombies

The Rails for Zombies is an interactive video tutorial series for learning excellent programming skills. The author of the course is well known for his remarkable developments. Gregg Pollack has a name in building Code Studio, Envy Labs, and Starter Studio. 

The Rails for Zombies is a superior choice if you are a beginner web developer. It teaches you step by step to build the foundation of the web and mobile apps. 


The course is not free to watch and learn. It gives you free trials for ten days. If you are satisfied, then you have to pay for completing the course.

6. Ruby Flow

Do you need something more interesting than typical videos? Ruby Flow is a community blog with like-minded people. Communities are a better way of learning under professional guidance. 

Here, the experts share their articles, thought, and latest technologies. In my opinion, it is the best platform for web developers to fastest learn ruby on rails with the experts and community. Web developers tend to share their problems and videos they like. 

Ruby Flow is not recommended for you as a beginner web programmer. If you have learned basic ruby on rails coding and want to deep dive into concepts, read the Ruby Flow articles.

One of the best blogs to learn How and why to use Ruby on rails.

7. RailsCasts

RailCast is perhaps among the best resources of screencast videos for rail developers. Author of LetterOpener, Ryan Bates creates the tutorials for both beginners and seasoned veterans. Each episode is full of practical examples and works with brief descriptions. 

If you don’t want to watch the video, simply read the full episode. The catchy infographics and the easy format and language make it easy to learn Ruby on Rails. There are hundreds of videos on the site, you can watch according to your level or preference.

8. Learn Ruby the Hard Way

Like the Ruby on Rails tutorials, Learn Ruby the Hard Way is available in the book format. With expert programmer advice and learning tutorials, it establishes your foundation to code for Ruby. It’s like a primary level book to enable you to read other complex ruby books after this. 

The ebook is free to read. But paying gives you many other options. You can watch the screencast tutorials, contact their team for support, and receive free updates of the book. 

I’m sure you will be attracted to the book to learn the ruby on rails from scratch.

9. RubyTapas

If you are tired of watching tutorials and need peaceful learning? Jump right to the RubyTapas site with hundreds of screencasts on the ruby and rails. The screencasts are based on the latest techniques and developments. Avdi Grim uploads the screencasts twice a week. Read the Ruby Tapas blogs if you intend to improve your Rails skill.

What Next:

These 9 websites are the fastest way to learn ruby on rails as a beginner. You can mostly learn the ruby on rails for free. But as you proceed with learning, you need to improve your skills. Make up your timetable and start learning Ruby on Rails from the best resources. Then move on to work on a real project to highlight your learning.