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Where can I find trustworthy nearshore software development agencies?
Where can I find trustworthy nearshore software development agencies?

Where can you find nearshore software development agencies?

Finding that nearshore partner takes time and dedication. If you have some kind of tech business and hold a C-suite role, you are probably receiving over 10 cold emails a day from different software development agencies. All of them offer similar services. 

This is overwhelming and makes you wonder who to trust.

Buyers nowadays want to search on their own, at their own pace. It is not surprising that the first step is usually to ask your own network for recommendations. 

Once you have exhausted that option, you can take a look at this list of different portals and institutions where you can browse and shortlist those agencies you will later reach out to. I recommend you dive into these after defining the ideal partner profile (IPP). It will save you a lot of time. 

Popular websites to source for nearshore software development agencies

  1. Clutch.co
  2. TechBehemoths.com
  3. G2.com
  4. Designrush.com

1. Clutch.co


Clutch.co is a leading platform for detailed, verified client reviews, focusing on B2B service providers across various industries, including software development. The site offers comprehensive profiles of agencies, including their service focus, client reviews, and project case studies. Clutch’s unique feature is its in-depth analysis and ranking system, which helps businesses find and vet potential software development partners based on their expertise, project history, and client feedback.

2. TechBehemoths.com

tech beheemots

TechBehemoths.com connects businesses with IT companies and agencies worldwide, including nearshore software development agencies. The platform provides a straightforward way to search for companies by location, expertise, and services offered. TechBehemoths emphasizes matching project requirements with the capabilities of IT service providers, facilitating the discovery of agencies best suited to specific business needs.

3. G2.com


G2.com is widely recognized for its user-generated software and services reviews, offering insights into thousands of software products and professional services. For businesses looking for nearshore software development agencies, G2 provides valuable user feedback on the performance and reliability of various software tools and services, helping decision-makers choose partners with the right technological stack and expertise.

4. Designrush.com


Designrush.com is a digital marketplace that showcases the best agencies in web design, digital marketing, and technology services, including software development. It allows businesses to search for partners based on expertise, location, and agency size. Designrush is particularly useful for companies looking to find nearshore development agencies with strong design and creative capabilities, in addition to technical development services.

Institutions and associations

National institutions and tech associations, especially in Latin America, are doing great work to promote the region across the USA. If you prefer a specific country, I highly recommend you contact the local embassy or consulate nearby. Or get in touch with the national IT organization. 

For example, in the case of Uruguay, you can reach out to the General Consulate in San Francisco via email. This office’s main focus is to promote Uruguay’s IT industry in the US. You can also visit CUTI’s website – cuti.org.uy – and check out different member associations. 


Finally, Linkedin can help you with your search but I would recommend you use it for checking out previously shortlisted companies.

Linkedin activity can tell you a lot about the agency’s working culture, clients, and expertise. 

In conclusion

To identify trustworthy nearshore software development agencies, begin by consulting your professional network for referrals, a crucial step that leverages direct experiences. 

Expand your search through reputable online platforms like Clutch.co, TechBehemoths.com, G2.com, and Designrush.com, which specialize in detailed agency reviews and comparisons. 

For insights specific to Latin America, engage with national tech associations or reach out directly to country-specific entities like embassies or IT organizations, which can offer tailored recommendations. 

Use LinkedIn to assess the culture, client history, and expertise of potential agencies, ensuring a partner that not only matches your technical needs but also aligns with your company’s values and objectives.

If you want to talk more about how to find your next tech partner contact me at aruiz@loopstudio.dev. Happy building!