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Design Sprint

We specialize in helping businesses unlock their full potential by utilizing the power of design sprints. Our team of UX/UI design experts has a lot of experience in facilitating design sprints, a proven methodology that accelerates product development, improves team productivity and efficiency, and unlocks innovation.

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Design Sprint Methodology: What is a design sprint?

Design Sprint is a methodology used to solve complex problems and test new ideas through rapid prototyping and user testing. It is a five-day process that helps teams to rapidly align on the problem to solve, create solutions, and validate them with real customers. It’s a powerful tool for product development, innovation, and problem-solving. This methodology allows teams to work in a collaborative, user-centered, and efficient way to achieve a solution tailored to the needs and wants of the users.


Design sprint

The standard process for a design sprint has five stages. If you do it our way, each stage will last one day, and you’ll end the whole cycle in just one week.

These are the design sprint steps:

The first step is about understanding the client. Defining the current situation and the desired one to finally agree on a critical path: the minimum steps required for the user to solve the problem. 

Ideate lots of solutions and sketch them. Unleash creativity and generate many ways of solving challenges. Every team member must end the day with a solution sketch to share.

On the third day, our goal is to decide on the best ideas and finalize a storyboard of your future prototype: determine which ideas from the solutions sketches will be used.

We’re ready to create a clean prototype, built in one day. By the end of the day, there should be a trial run of the prototype to detect mistakes and fix them before the big day.

Test your prototype with real users. Prepare questions to ask the user before, during, and after testing the prototype and record their expressions, actions, and reactions while interacting.

2. By the end of the sprint you will have:

After the second week, if you continue the process, you’ll get the entire backlog with estimations.

Bonus: Second week

In this second week, we will validate the initial idea with the users and iterate until we have a product we feel comfortable with. Depending on the user’s feedback, this phase can take less than a week.

We will have the validated idea and start creating the user stories with the estimations. The goal for this week will be to have all the workflow complete with the task that will involve Design, Front, and Back.

Design sprint

Selecting the right team to participate in the workshop and defining the problem to tackle are the two key milestones when preparing the sprint.

The cross-functional team should include, in this particular case:

We look for a diverse team to contemplate any possible bump in the road before it happens and be able to achieve a solution altogether.

We work to exceed our client’s expectations. That’s why we’re constantly reviewing and improving our work processes. This mindset is what enables us to deliver the best results possible.

We seek the utmost potential. We look to be a home for all individuals who want to grow professionally and personally, and aim to support a healthy work-life balance.

We strive to be exceptional in all regards. We take ownership and initiative to ensure that success is not only our goal but our responsibility. We aim to be proactive and stay one step ahead of the curve, so we’re better prepared for what lurks around the corner.

More than just service providers. We want our partners and customers to feel safe in our hands, and to build long-lasting and strong relationships based on mutual understanding and reliability.


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